Thursday, 13 February 2014

Scotland Season, so far...

The main word is on everyone's lips is snow.  There has been a lot of it, more than I have ever known.  This is partly due to it precipitating most days but unusually there has been no big thaws. The freezing level has quite consistently been half way up the mountains. 

As a result of everything being buried time spent on the higher routes has been next to none. Popular venues have been Douglas Boulder on the Ben, Lochan in Glen Coe and Bauchile Etive Mor. 

However the skiing is great, as long as the wind allows the lifts to run, with Nevis Range and Glencoe being covered to the point that you can no longer see the fences.

And that's where I'm off tomorrow, to do some skiing with calm winds and bit of brightness forecast.

Below are a few photos from January and early February.