Sunday, 13 June 2010

White Water Coaching, Slovenia

I returned to Wales today after 24 hours of driving across the Europe, fortunately with all 4 wheels. The wishbone was making funny noises and with no last minute parts available the Slovenian mechanic assured us it would all be ok as long as we travelled slowly along the 'rail road' (I think he meant motorway). "No more than 120 km/h" he said - I wasn't planning on going much faster.

It has been sunny and hot all week, a pleasure to be kayaking in cooler water of the Soca. With everyone paddling well we were cruising the grade III sections, seeking out more challenging grade IV rapids to discuss lines and techniques. We finished the last two days with a great paddle down to Kobriad and laps on the Slalom site (+IV).

If anyone is looking to be comfortable at grade IV Slovenia provides great coaching sites, please contact me about next years course.


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