Thursday, 16 December 2010


Tuesday I took Rajiv and Gary up Snowdon. A calm dry day, it was just unfortunate that the cloud came in as we neared the summit. Good frozen snow underfoot as we ascended the zig-zags. Trinity face looked thin but people had been climbing on slithers of snow.

Wednesday I had a look at Face Route with friends Paul and Si which unfortunately wasn't quite complete. With warm weather we opted for a slate day. There is an M8 called Ibex which provides dry tooling fun on such a day. Steep manufactured hooks gets the arms going.

Friday Snow and more snow. Ankle to shin deep outside my house in Bethesda this morning. Skiing is possible down my hill, driving is out of the question unless you have a snow plough.

Conditions? The turf seemed frozen on Wednesday before the dump of snow and the ice should certainly be reforming. Problem is without tracks the wading will be hard and lots of cleaning required to find any of the crags.

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