Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sea Level Traversing & Kayaking

I have briefly returned to Wales yesterday or 5 days to work at Ogwen Cottage. This is an outdoor center run by Birmingham Council. The young people are on an activity course, aimed to challenge and develop them through adventurous activities.
Yesterday we went sea level traversing on Anglesey. The sea was big, which greatly reduced the venues that we could use. In the photo is a high level traverse, with a roped clip line to keep everyone safe, we also setup some zip-lines that day too. Only a few got wet from the persistent sea spray!
Today we went kayaking, running the rapid beneath the bridge at PYB in Capel Curig. Unfortunately the river was too high to journey down to Jim's Bridge on the Llugwy. Nevertheless they all enjoyed the introductory rapid so much they were still keen for more after the sixth go!

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