Sunday, 7 March 2010

Slingsby Chimney & NE Buttress

The full car park said it all, as I found a handy ditch to leave my van in. The track is still snowed up so a start from the bottom was required. I was working for Abacus Mountaineering with Patrick and Johnny.

We had Minus 3 as a plan but as we approached the que moved down from Minus 2 so we nipped up the empty Slingsby Chimney and onto NE Buttress. I could only see one team high up, how wrong I was. Upon reaching the second platform the 3 teams waiting surprised me, later the 8 people above the mantrap (and one team stuck on the 40ft corner) had me snookered - and a long wait and a late finish was inevitable.

Nice day though with more fine views.

NE Buttress, Ben NevisNE Buttress, Ben NevisNE Buttress, Ben Nevis

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