Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sun, Rock, Sun and more Rock

I have had a few days off so I made sure I didn't let the sunny days go to waste.

On Tuesday I went up to Drws y Gwynt in the Pass to notch up routes like ' Too Hard for Jim Perrin' 'Little Sepulchre' and 'A Touch of Class' amongst other E1 cracks . Surprisingly cold though out of the sun. Yesterday I went bolt clipping and falling (bit of rock broke away to send me plummeting down head first, watching Ian swinging in the opposite direction).

Today Si and I climbed Extraction and Pretzl Logic with also a bit of playing on (the ludicrously hard) Venom. To round things up we also grabbed a quick route in the Pass on the way home.

Tremadog, ExtractionTremadog, Pretzl LogicTremadog, ExtractionCraig Ddu, Llanberis PassTremadog, Venom

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