Sunday, 27 March 2011

Back to Rock

I have now returned to North Wales to be greeted by blue skies and sunny weather. Thursday, Friday I was out with Dell. He needed to do an update on his SPA for Cadets, a bit of professional development.

On Thursday we went to Lion rock first and then Pont y Cromlech looking at setups and group issues at both. Handily Lou and Gareth were there with groups from Blue Peris and Kent Centre. They kindly allowed us to look at their setups and styles of group management. Later in the afternoon we walked up to Wastad and climbed the classic Crackstone Rib while discussing points on leading routes.

Friday we initially went to Upper Tier at Tremadog concentrating more on rescues both for the SPA and more complicated multi-pitch scenarios. In the afternoon Dell was keen to lead a route himself so we went down to Bwlch y Moch and he led up Boo-Boo in fine style.

P3240082Crackstone Rib, Llanberis Pass

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