Thursday, 31 March 2011

ML Training

The last couple days I have been working on an ML training for PYB, with the ovenight camp coinciding well with the onset of rain. After it had been dry for so long!

On the expedition we went up into the Carneddau camping over in Cwm Eigiau. We concentrated on the navigation and the many techniques that can be utilised to get from A to B. When darkness set in, after eating dinner, we headed out for the night nav - which the group enjoyed though challenging.

Overnight the wind pushed the tents into a variety of new shapes but all survived. So back to the Brenin for the compulsory tea and cakes.

The ML qualification enables people to lead groups on walking terrain up any mountain in the uk. With a 6 day training course, 5 day assessment and at least 40 quality mountain days in between it takes commitment to complete the first step of the uk mountaineering qualifications.


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