Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fawlty Towers, Ben

Fresh snow down to the Fort on Wednesday morning and a bit of strong wind high up. Pete and Dave were keen on some climbing at the back of the Ciste so we went up to see how much snow had been deposited and where the wind had transported it. As we stood on the slopes below Moonlight Buttress there were large scoured areas of old neve but also significant dumps of windslab - which happened to be very unstable. Figuring the chances of finding a line of old neve leading to some great ice was slim we decided to head over to the West side of Douglas boulder. We could clearly see the safe scoured slopes.

A few teams were already using the area but we managed to find some ice and fun mixed steps on Fawlty Towers. Upon topping out we abseiled down into the gap and back to the CIC hut for a cup of tea.
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