Thursday, 4 February 2010

Beinn Udlaidh Ice

A warmer day but dry with sunny spells. I had a pleasant day while working for Jagged Globe at Beinn Udlaidh. Short walk-in and plenty of good ice. We headed up and climbed 'South Gully of the Black Wall' (IV, 4). The main ice pitch is fat but the top was a little snowy. Fortunatly it was possible to dig and excavate the newer, heavy snow to find old neve below. The cornice wasn't too problematic in surmounting.

Other teams on Sunshine Gully (lots of snow), Ramshead Gully (unconsolidated snow around two big chockstones), start of Green Eyes and West Gully.

There was certainly a range of snow encountered during the day. Most of the new snow, when found and sometimes in quite deep accumulations, wasn't well bonded to the older neve. The colder weather due over the weekend should soon sort that out.

The west sector and views from the crag below. I now have a new camera so photos should markedly improve.

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