Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Beinn Udlaidh, White Caterpillar

With my sunglasses still in my bag and goggles at home, I hadn't quite adjusted to the normal Scottish conditions.

Today I was working for Jagged Globe, with John and Tina. We went to the easily accessed and relatively low venue of Beinn Udlaidh. Loads of good ice is present, and all enjoyed the White Caterpillar (III) which starts from West Gully. Other teames were on The Smirk, Organ Pipe Wall, West Gully, Central Gully and a few other climbs up in the mist.

By the afternoon there were patches of slab present, with a lot of snow blowing round. Sounds like in Glencoe and on the Ben there are many unstable slopes - even low down.

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